A Gremlin Did It!

For several days I have been looking for a reasonable explanation…

So I am going with the unreasonable. A Gremlin did it.

Knowing that I have word recognition issues I wrote the blurb and back cover of Waking Lucy in a file and had it proofread.  Then I used the file on this website, Amazon*, Goodreads, and my book cover. So I was more than a little surprised when a friend pointed out the back cover was missing a “Y.”

She is right.

The very top of the back cover in blue letters is the word “marring” where “marrying” should be.  My imaginary friends Lucy and Samual are in shock. Lucy is not a violent person and Samuel is queasy just thinking of the blood involved. They have reassured me this is not a Freudian slip, although they are both pre-Freud. I just don’t enjoy horror movies or books at all so I am sure I didn’t do it.  (I’d blame my designer, but it would still be my problem.)

I have tried to convince myself and others that the signed books with the marred covers will bring a lot of money in 50 years at an auction. For those who believe me, I still have a few in my possession available at $10 each. (price includes tax, but shipping may be added.)


Since this “y” changes the book from a nice historical romance into a psycho-thriller. I only have one explanation the Gremlin did it.

And for the record:

Lucy dreamed of marrying Samuel, until she woke-up as his wife.

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