Back to School – Haiti Style

    some kids in haiti  Last year I had the opportunity to go to Haiti on a service project. I learned is that public school is almost nonexistent. A group of mothers, my friend calls them the Queen Bees, will do...

    New Extended Ending

    it occured to me that the thing i have been trying to describe is a banner. you put the mending Christmas banner in  If you read Mending Christmas anytime before last week, you may have been wondering how Sean and Tessa...

    Sketchy or Not.

    you have the transformation thing of a sketch into the 3rd property brother, you also have the elizabeth banner  I’ve started calling my 6 love interests for my Artists & Billionaires series my ‘Sketchy Men.’ The covers for this series have...

    New Faces Coming Soon

    its the before and after where you took the good looking covers and then put the third property brother on one and then a generic hallmark guy on the other  I have always wanted to win a make-over. I...