Let’s hear it for the band

    really skyview? you could do so much better One of my favorite things about fall is it is band season. More than 30 years ago I participated in the marching band and for the past 9 years, my children...

    Thank you for all your great ideas!

    its an apple tree, but i don’t think its one of ours  So many of you wrote last week about my apples. Thank you for the great ideas. I even had a local friend offer to help pick them...

    Apples are falling all around

    its the apple tree thats behing the mailbox  It’s Fall literally. On my head and on the ground. September is the month my Macintosh apples come on and start falling, all 4 trees worth. In four weeks my Reds...

    Among These Bones Review

    We almost died. All of us. The entire human race. And now we live in a world of darkness and high stakes. Alison and her son Arie survived a global pandemic along with a remnant of humanity, but the...


    its the thing with the book with a background thing. also idk what happened at the bottom, maybe take a look at that One week in a Haitian orphanage changes Araceli’s world, heart & future. Araceli is searching for...

    Mending Fences Wins a Bronze!

    theres a long thing with a fence and then the book and then you put the award thing in  Sometimes as a writer it’s nice to know that someone likes your book. That is why I love reviews (even...