Ebooks saved my life!

    le bus Yes, I am exaggerating. But I am an author, so it is expected. Over the weekend I took a shuttle bus across the state to visit my parents. I planned to work on a book that is coming...

    Happy Thanksgiving (USA)!

    its a picture of a dog on a bed, i have never met the dog before, it is a stranger dog     If you are in the USA, Happy Thanksgiving. If not, give thanks happily! If I could...


    the yellow thing with a bunch of numbers  Congratulations to all our winners! Signed copy of Waking Lucy- Samantha B. Signed copy of Reforming Elizabeth- Sonnetta J. Signed copy of Remembering Anna- Jan H. Signed copy of Mending Fences- David...

    Zoe & Nick’s Story

    wow, there’s a lot to unpack here. It’s a huge ad(?) with the book cover floating over a large city with words about swords and knights and then something about love being art and amazon City boy seeks small...

    First Snow

    a snowflake, ew My daughter just came running in yelling, “It’s snowing!” I am not sure how I feel about this… However, in the time it took to write this it stopped. That I can live with!

    A Month of Thanks

    its the same picture of flowers and a pen on a paper that is not practical  Have you ever gotten a Thank you card you didn’t expect? How did it make you feel? This month I am making it...