Ebooks saved my life!

    Yes, I am exaggerating. But I am an author, so it is expected. Over the weekend I took a shuttle bus across the state to visit my parents. I planned to work on a book that is coming out in...

    Happy Thanksgiving (USA)!

    If you are in the USA, Happy Thanksgiving. If not, give thanks happily! If I could choose I would curl up with my list of books to be read and hide in a blanket all day. I am just...

    Blankets, Books, and Buddies

    Where I live it is that time of year when we turn up the thermostat and bring out the throw blankets as the house never quite gets warm enough for some of us. My dog, Snoopy wants to curl...

    First Snow

    My daughter just came running in yelling, “It’s snowing!” I am not sure how I feel about this… However, in the time it took to write this it stopped. That I can live with!

    A Month of Thanks

    Have you ever gotten a Thank you card you didn’t expect? How did it make you feel? This month I am making it a goal to write 4 Thank You letters this month to people I may have forgotten. Will you...