How cold is Antarctica?

    pengwing! One of my readers in South Dakota contacted me today. According to her newspaper, it is colder than Antartica. School has been canceled, and the mail is not being delivered as it is too dangerous to be outside for more...

    Spending Millions like there is no Tomorrow

    a picture of the tower of eiffel with some pretty colors  In the last 24 hours, I have purchased 4 round-trip tickets to Paris (3 First-class one Business), an apartment in a XIX century building in Paris, and another modern...

    Did you miss me?

    a box with fake brunette me standing next to two fictional people Last week I didn’t get out a newsletter.  I’d love to say it was for some benevolent reason, but no, it was just a case of tendonitis. Unfortunately, it...

    The 9s Rule

    a girl considering going on a swim in the ocean, idk how it fits the thing but there is a sunrise(?) so i guess i can vibe. or you can put in a pic of people wildly partying  Happy...