The Slush days of Winter

    I was looking for a photo of slush other than the street in front of my house and decided that semi-melted snow wasn’t very fun or appealing. However Hot Chocolate is a much better way to survive the days of...

    Free Book 25 & 26th only

    I haven’t done a free book for a while… Since today is the Chinese New Year it seemed like a good day for a free book set in China! 📔     📔     📔 As a teen, he teased her....

    Laughing at Reviews

    So I did a new thing this week. I put on acrylic fingernails. Since I moved from Texas my fingernails have been a mess. The split, break, and chip. So inspired by a receptionist’s nails I decided to fake...

    Thank You Readers

    I am back! I hope you had a great last couple of months. How is the first week of the New Year going for you? I have been working on my new bullet journal and I am happy to...