Not the Bodyguard’s Boss

When Deidre’s nemesis becomes her boss, fighting it out isn’t an option.

Hastings Security’s top female bodyguard, Deidre Ross is as dangerous as she is beautiful. When a blind date pairs Deidre with Liam Dermot, a chauvinistic bodyguard from a competing firm, she lets him know she’ll topple his false assumptions. 

Dermot Security has a problem. With their only female bodyguard injured, Liam contracts with Hastings to hire their best female guard for a sensitive job. The client’s safety only reason Liam and Diedre agree to work together.

Forced to spend long hours together, Liam and Diedre’s friendly competition becomes a little too cozy. A friendly competition turns to more after Deidre proves she can beat Liam in a sparring match. United to protect their client, they forget to guard their hearts. Will a few stolen kisses undermine everything?