Hint of Charm

Being swept off her feet wasn’t meant to be literal.

Liberty Belle Covington has always had a plan. Run the family’s bed-and-breakfast, marry her best friend (or a prince who knocks her off her feet,) and keep every Hawthorne tradition alive. Unfortunately, none of her plans are working out. Her grandfather refuses to see she is the best person to inherit Covington House. Her best friend loves someone else. People don’t see the importance of tradition. And for the first time in her life, Liberty has a cold.

Focused on making amends for the biggest mistake of his career, Oliver Bradford doesn’t notice when he slips into old habits—like driving on the left side of the road—and hits Liberty. Unfortunately, she is not impressed with his British accent or his money. Oliver tries to make up for the accident, but Liberty rebuffs his every friendly overture.

Frustrated at not being able to do everything herself, Liberty finally accepts Oliver’s help only to discover that not every prince needs to be of royal blood.