Sprinkle of Snow

Mix one overworked man, add one misguided woman, sprinkle with magic and find love.

As Hawthorne’s unofficial historian and antique dealer, Makenna Wilson knows everything about the town’s history, but she doesn’t believe in magic until odd things happen in her store. Antiques start matching themselves to customers and a watch stops time for a man who is not her boyfriend. However, Quin Kayhill is the boy she had wished would kiss her thirteen years ago.

Quin, the new director of the chamber of commerce, never has enough time to get to the end of his long list, for which there is never enough time to accomplish all he must do. A complaint about the town’s Christmas plans from Makenna puts him further behind on the plans for the New Year’s Eve celebration. Regardless of how far behind Quin is, he always stops to help a damsel in distress, especially if he can’t stop thinking about her.

A kiss under the Mistletoe changes everything for Quin and Makenna. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make for smooth sailing when her old boyfriend threatens Makenna and the town she loves and a blizzard hits the town. Will the magic of her ancestors help them overcome obstacles in their way and find a happily ever after?