Taste of Memory

Sparks fly between this small-town baker and the fireworks pyrotechnician from out of state.

If only baker Keira Covington had an ounce of her family’s legendary magic. Desperate to prove she should inherit the Sweet Memories Café when her aunt retires, Keira is pretty sure that burning half the customers’ orders and mixing up the rest is a terrible recipe for a successful business. It doesn’t help when a handsome biker rides into town, distracting her from her work.

On his bucket-list vacation through New England, pyrotechnician Brant Whitbeck can’t seem to leave Hawthorne. Literally. The town won’t let him go. Not that he’s going to complain when it offers him a job, sweet treats, and a woman who makes sparks fly between them.

When Keira stumbles upon an ancestor’s special scone recipe and the unexpected starts to happen, someone double-crosses her and it has to be him. Will their burgeoning romance explode like a firecracker lit too soon or will the chemistry between them fizzle and fade?

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