Too Many Hats

I’ve been planning on ___________ for the past several months. But…

Somehow this phrase has taken over my life. Insert whatever you want there: contacting an old friend, updating my blog, finishing my second novel (writing not reading), catching up on my scrapbooking or cleaning the bathroom. All of them will work. I have come to the conclusion that sometimes I try to wear too many hats at once and end up looking like a circus clown

Most moms do wear multiple hats from the biggest fan hat to the nurses cap we wear them all. Usually, all mom hats look like the baseball cap with the ponytail pulled trough the back because Junior screamed right as we were getting in the shower after completing only half a workout before husband called to say he forgot _______ and can his wife please bring it before his 10 am meeting.

I have a friend who has the most adorable collection of baseball caps. Most of mine, freebies from the last parade I attended and feature the local feed & seed logo, are just dull.

The Mom/wife hat is the most important hat I wear. It really should look like one that Jackie O. or Princess Di owned not something I put on by accident. After all, I didn’t put on that bridal veil haphazardly, and though I didn’t plan the timing of each child, they were all in the overall plan. (The 45 seconds between #3 and #4 was only about 600 days off my plan.)

Now there are parts of the Mom hat I willingly put off. The chief cook and bottle washer part. Sadly my Chiefs hat is practically pristine as I do a very poor job following a recipe and planning a menu. My oldest will also publicly say I  don’t cook anything well, but he did live to be old enough to complain about it, so I can’t be that bad. And scrubbing the teen boys’ bathroom? I rather do anything else (For the record it is their weekly job, but every once in a while I need to step in before I need to use the Hazmat suit.)

But being a taxi driver is one of the best Mom hats. It is one of the few times that I can get one on one time with a young teen. Now that I have a kid driving, I am not needed as much and don’t get some of these opportunities and playing passenger to said teen is not relaxing.

The biggest fan hat is fun too until I get that eye roll.

Some parts of my mom hat have already been retired. The nightcap I wore to soothe nightmares, and for 3 am feedings  has been sitting on the shelf collecting dust for years. The dramatic cap, used for reading library books out loud, has torn netting and a broken feather and has been sitting near the sewing machine for repairs for longer than I care to think.  Sadly even the Hazmat hat will be given up someday as the boys will just visit the house and their bathroom will remain pristine.


I’ve been planning on ___________ for the past several months. But being Mom came first.

several hats

Because one day it will not be a sloppy cap with someone’s ice cream fingerprints, it will be a propper ladies hat with veil and flowers and my house will be clean and way too quiet and I can always to that project then.

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