Misadventures in Love

The tradition of the Miscellaneous Crown traces its roots to sometime in the late sixties or early seventies. The unofficial club was founded by the residents of Marden Hall Women’s Dormitory, Bradford Women’s College. A Miscellaneous Crown is awarded to any of our alumnae who demonstrate exceptional qualities in precarious circumstances and who remind us how far a sense of humor can carry us.

They awarded the first Miscellaneous Crown in 1974, when Amy G. put her foot in her mouth and was dubbed the first Miss Stepped. However, Mary S., in her biography “I was Miss Informed” claims to have received the first crown in 1968. Since the mid-eighties, crowns mostly made of poster board and foil have been awarded to many of our alumni for any number of titles. 

The unofficial song is attributed to the class of 1976 (Parody of Miss America). Please note, the class of ’72 claims the words are theirs written during the 1971 national pageant. A few notable graduates, including Dr. T., claim to have sung a similar version to their Johnny Desmond record on the old record player once located in the south corner of the gathering room, possibly as early as 1959.

Currently, Ms. Charlotte Wilson, dorm mom since 1992, has the final vote on all nominations.

There she is, Miscellaneous!
There she is, all that’s real.
The dreams of all college girls,
who are more than witty,
May come true in any city,
Where she will become the queen of her destiny!
There she is, Miscellaneous!
There she is, all that’s real.
With so many choices
She’ll take the world by storm
Because she got her start at Marden’s Dorm!
And there she is,
Walking on air she is,
Kindest of the kind she is
Miss All-n-any-of-us!


Crown Availability Update- Miss Guided

In response to the requests of several of our alumni, “virtual crowns” suitable for posting on social media will now be awarded. Thank you to our very own Miss Guided, Gina Swann Batiste, for donating her skills in designing them. Current and past crown holders will receive their e-crowns via email. Please make sure you keep the alumni list up to date.
I will continue to mail out cardboard crowns.
We need donations for our flower fund.
Thank you,
Ms. Charlotte Wilson


Flower Fund Update – Miss Oriented

Some of you may have seen the photos of our own Anne Williams last week in her stunning silk dress. After years of entering the wrong classroom and getting lost on her way to practically everywhere, Anne has found her way into the heart of one of the country’s newest billionaires. According to my source, they kindled the romance in China, where Anne was fulfilling a bucket-list wish to visit the land of her birth. I hereby crown her Miss Oriented and wish the soon-to-be-wed alumnus many happy returns.

PS. The thrilled groom has donated a year’s supply of roses to be sent to crown recipients.