American Homespun Massachusetts 1775-1813

Set in post-Revolutionary War New England, the American Homespun series takes you inside of the hearts and homes of those forging the New America. Follow Lucy Simms Marden, Samuel Wilson, their families, and friends through the trials and triumphs of living their daily lives and finding extraordinary love.

Artists & Billionaires

What happens on dateless Friday nights when Candice and all her roommates are artists? They paint. Members of the Friday Night Art Society duplicate copies of famous masterpieces on Kitchen cabinets create trompe-l’oeil hallways wait to trip up visitors and collect quotes in their laundry room. And the man who dares to enter, may just fall head in love with more than the quirky house. Follow Candace and her roommates on their adventures as they each find a way to lose their membership in the society.

Hastings Security

Thirty-five years ago Jethro Hastings established one of Chicago’s for most security service. All of his children have worked faithfully for him. Now it is time for them to move on and start their own families.  

Miscellaneous Royalty 

A silly song started a dorm tradition now four decades old. Who will earn the next Miscellaneous Crown? It may well be Miss Understanding.


Standalone Books 

Short Books and Anthologies with my stories in them.  Some of these are free, so look!