Running Out and Looking Ahead

The Launch party for Waking Lucy was a huge success if running out of books is any way to measure. The wonderful ladies and My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shoppe gave me a nice spot near the door. So many friends came including one who drove over three hours. I may have screamed when I saw her. 

book markEveryone who came received a quilted star ornament. The thread color determined the door prize. There were lots of cider (packets – a fabric shop is not a good place to eat) and Kisses (Hersey’s made) for everyone who came. After all what a better way to see if Lucy was right and King Solomon was wrong?

“Why would the Bible say love was better than wine? Maybe they didn’t press fresh apple cider in the fall to compare it too. Samuel’s kiss tasted much more like fresh-pressed cider than wine.” p. 158

Later that evening I was invited to join the local authors in a signing at The Book Table for their Midnight Madness sale. I officially ran out of books. However, patrons were invited to pre-purchase a signed copy at the sales price by taking a bookmark with the sales sticker on it to the checkout. I still find buying a $14 bookmark (before sale discounts) very funny.

The next morning we invited the local Fire Department to our house. As my friend pointed out, “At least you didn’t have to worry about your books.” Fortunately for us, the problem was all smoke and no fire and life continues on.

I have mostly finished the sequel … So I am starting on the third book and a novella.

More on those later!


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