Sorry the Server Went Down

This has to be one of the least favorite phrases of modern living. Sadly, this is the phrase I got in an email from the provider of my newsletter service last week.  I spent several hours manually going through the subscriber lists. This is what I found.

  • A few dozen readers have been receiving duplicate emails. Sorry, I think this is fixed.
  • At least 10 people who unsubscribed may have been resubscribed. If this is you I am sorry. Just unsubscribe below. I hoped to fix this but I may not have caught you all.
  • I have readers from nearly every state and several countries 🙂
  • Some people have great creative email names. 

So going forward I hope I fixed things and that things have been fixed with the server. BUT there may be some duplicate emails over the next few days. If so just send them to the recycle bin.