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As a teen, he teased her. As an adult, he wants to date her.
Anne Williams always dreamed of visiting the land of her birth even if she couldn’t master Chinese. Too bad the first person she meets getting off the plane is billionaire tech-designer and childhood nemesis, Tate Gilman. 
For years Tate has worked at fulfilling a promise to his grandfather. Funny thing, along the way he created a language learning app that revolutionized the learning world and made him a fortune. On his way to meet with the Chinese, runs into his old classmate, Anne. But seeing her once isn’t enough. Tate’s only hope to find her again in the world’s most populous country is for her to reach out to him.Not to be rude, Anne texts a polite message thanking Tate. Soon texting isn’t enough but how can this American couple find each other in a country with a billion reasons to keep them apart?