Time out for Human Interaction

As an author, I spend a lot of time with my imaginary friends (characters) in my imaginary worlds. Last Friday, I sat down to dinner with 25 authors and bloggers. The fun thing is I met most of these people on-line long before I saw them in real life. It is amazing how many of the friends I have now; I met via Facebook or Goodreads.

I met Lucinda three years ago as I was just beginning my journey into being an author. We chatted online for months before we ever met. Julie C. started reviewing my books, we met via email over some typos. (Thanks!)  Valerie, not pictured, and I met via another author and until Friday we had never been in the same room. I could go on and on. 

Social Media has been a huge blessing to me in my author journey. I have made many new friends, and it is always a joy to see them in person.