I Lost my Nouns

I should have figured it out sooner, but I didn’t.

I’m in a chemical imbalance depression.

Those of you who watch my videos on Facebook or Instagram know that last week I had all my days mixed up. That happens to everyone, so I didn’t notice until I was talking to some adults on Saturday and realized that I couldn’t find my nouns when I was speaking. I could still find the first letter of the word in my mind and even sign the word in American Sign Language. This unnatural phenomenon happens three or four times every year since I was nineteen. It is the big neon sign that my chemical imbalance is spiraling into a depression. It follows the feeling of being overwhelmed. (Which is why the last 3 newsletters didn’t come.)

After more than three decades, I have a developed aplan and I know I’ll be all right because the chemicals will correct themselves and I have some coping strategy. One strategy is to acknowledge where I am. I am thankful that mental health is being discussed more and more. If you suffer from depression, reach out and talk to others.  And have a good month.