Thank You Readers

I know I haven’t sent an email for a couple of weeks and this is likely to get lost in everything that hit your inbox today with “Black Friday or Cyber Monday.” But I hope that a few of you get a moment to read this.  I love y’all. You have done so much to lift me up and brighten my days. Many authors follow a rule of not reading their reviews as sometimes they can be devastating. Tonight I looked at my reviews and I want to share with you just how kind you are:

“I just want to say how I appreciate the clean, faith included, romance and great storylines.”

“So adorable! I enjoyed it!”

“I’m grinning now remembering many of the scenes from this book.”

Thank you so much to anyone who has ever left me a review or told a friend about me. I don’t know most of you, or in some cases your real names, but if I could I’d give you a hug!