Truth wins!

There are some things that authors just can’t make up. In Lorin’s Sweet Romance Readers we have been playing a round of “Tell me a truth about your life that sounds like it should be fiction.” (A game I stole from author Laura Beers.) 

Here is one of mine. Computers hate me. Every time I walked into the Brigham Young University Library, I shut down the computer system. This happened several over a month-long period.

My first job after I graduated was as a graphic designer for BYU. At age 23 I was issued a faculty parking sticker and a super-duper ID card that allowed be to bill various departments for campus services. Several times a week I would need to go to the library for work which often included making large size copies. Something I had done as a student with no problem.

One day shortly after starting to make a photocopy the building computer system shut down. Which made it so no one could check out a book, use the card catalog, or pay for a printout. I left and came back a few hours later to finish my copies. Again the computer crashed. This scenario repeated for weeks. Soon the IT people at the library were asking other departments for advice. 

One evening I stopped at the library to get some reading material. (A university policeman told me I couldn’t use my dad’s car to park in the faculty lot — super-duper ID card the rescue.) I found three books and went to the checkout. I had fun flirting with the guy behind the desk until he saw my card and realized I could check out the books for six months. (No date for me…) Then something strange happened. He scanned the card. The computer froze. The terminal next to him froze. And I knew it was me.

The next day I called the lIbrary IT group and told them I solved their computer problem. At first, they didn’t believe me, then they scanned my card. 

The computer crashed.

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