Remembering Anna

The key opens a box, unlocks the past and defines the future.

On her fourteenth birthday in 1775, Anna Stickney received a precious gift, a handmade journal. A place to keep her secrets and write her wishes. As the country sought independence, Anna fought battles of her own, fell in love, and faced heart break all of which she recorded in tiny script. Someday she thought she would share the contents with her daughter. But Anna waited for another tomorrow to come…

After her mother died, Lucy Wilson found a locked box. Unable to locate the key in the Massachusetts home Lucy shared with her husband and little sister, the box sat keeping its secrets safely locked inside.

Hours before Lucy’s life changes forever, she locates the missing key. No longer free to explore the box all at once, Lucy savors the contents in the few quiet moments she can snatch. Anna’s words burden, sooth, and free Lucy as she comes to know the woman she called Mama.

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