Database Class


This page is for authors who want to create a database of their characters, as explained in a presentation by Lorin Grace (Lori J. Parker). 

1.  Join Airtable. (Choose Free option.)

Airtable Logo

Airtable is an online database platform that works with computers and mobile apps. It allows for real-time updates–great for collaborative projects.  Everything I show in my mini-class is accessible on the free version. 

***NOTE*** The free version will give you access to features that you will have to pay for later… watch what features you add…


2. Click and copy this Database:

Jane’s Character Index Template 

If you don’t have an Airtable account, you will be asked to create one when you copy this base.*  Make sure you choose the free option. (Note during the trial period you will have access to paid options.) 

Note: You may scroll through and look at this base without copying it to your own account.  You will not be able to modify anything unless you copy it to your account. 

If you prefer to use another software, you should be able to duplicate my entries into most systems. The formula I used may need modifications. 

3. Enjoy the Class!