Haiti was Amazing

I learned so much in Haiti. The children were helpful despite our language barrier. (My remedial French wasn’t enough.) One evening while working in an interior storeroom, I said something about being hot. Two of the young teen boys disappeared and came back with a rechargeable fan!  Electricity and water are ‘sometimes’ things in most of Haiti, as in they work ‘sometimes.’ So a rechargeable fan is a lifesaver.

We were able to achieve the goals we had for this trip including building and installing 12 feet of kitchen cupboards. (I only painted.)

I have a new gratitude list that includes; lines on roads, 2 ply quilted TP, and hot water from a tap. I have a few photos to show you, but I have been asked not to share photos of the children at the orphanage.  There are some photos of the kids at the website for Foyer de Sion. Yes, they are that adorable! (And of course, donations are welcome and needed.)

1. Making bricks by the side of the road. 2. ‘Tap-tap’ a sort of a taxi. 3. woman with a basket on her head.