Not a Vacation

I wrote this email a week ago.  Today, I’m in Haiti helping in an orphanage. The friend I am with also sponsors a school. (See her cute students –>)  Sadly we won’t have time to go check on it too,  but I’d like to share one of Wendi’s recent Facebook posts. 

… help my 70 kids at a tiny village school on the southern side of the island. They have been in school for almost a month and there is not enough funds to pay the teachers again. They had to drop the enrollment because they just don’t have the money to pay for them. This means that 30 kids didn’t get to go to school this year from this village. 30 kids who are now endangered and could be sent to “live with an uncle” or “aunt” but in reality are being sold to pay for younger siblings to eat. Its heartbreaking to see the faces of the younger siblings who are afraid that this will one day happen to them too. Keeping kids in school is the only way they will be safe because then they are worth something to the parents (or in this case single, unemployed mothers). The longer a child stays in school, the more earning potential they have once they are old enough to hold a real job. Please help me keep these kids in school one more month.

 Most of us don’t think of education in terms like this, do we? I know I didn’t. This is one reason I am in Haiti. I urge each to find some way to help children. Maybe in your neighborhood or through a charity of your choice.

If you want to help children in this Haitian school go to 

Thank you and have a wonderful week!