Miss Guided is here!

Bucket List: 1. Visit Paris in the Spring. 2. Don’t fall in love on vacation.

Gina works hard to keep her busy life in order. An unexpected promotion has her working overtime until a health scare forces her to take a vacation. Determined to cross off one thing from her bucket list, Gina heads for Paris. Lost in the city she runs into the only Parisian she knows. Too bad last time they met she ruined his suit.

Heir to the family fashion empire, André has kept his focus on the international business since his wife died. Returning to Paris for Grand-mère’s 100th birthday, André confronts his father’s expectations and social pressures he’s been avoiding. His life takes an unexpected turn when he runs into Gina who desperately needs a guide to help her navigate Paris.

With the help of a wise grandmother, a pair of gilded cupids, and a designer dress can this couple find what they need in the City of Love?