Change is Good

    A year ago I released two books in a series I titled Miscellaneous Royalty; Miss Guided and the Billionaire, and Miss Oriented and the Billionaire. Unfortunately, they have not been selling as I hoped. So I’ve been doing some...

    Happy Anniversary Anne & Tate

    Another first anniversary. Anne talked Tate into a trip through several state parks. What she didn’t tell him is that the ones she chose are notorious for not having cell reception. Poor Tate, how many days can survive without...

    Happy Independence Day [USA]

    I haven’t written a book about Emma and Thomas’s love story. Their legacy of love influences every relationship in the American Homespun Series. The tradition they started continued for generations to bless the lives of countless grandchildren and their grandchildren’s...

    Happy Anniversary Abbie & Preston!

    According to the imaginary world timeline of Abbie and Preston, they are celebrating their second anniversary on June 28th. [See Mending Images} Abbie had triplet boys that just turned a year old.* Abbie has a nanny to help with Brandon,...

    Winners of 222nd Aniversary Drawing

    Congratulations!Maria (Newsletter) & Stacey (Facebook) They each won a Kindle copy of Reforming Elizabeth  I loved everyone’s answers for what to gift a couple celebrating 222 years. Some of my favorites: a video of their story Flowers A vacation A...

    Celebrating Anniversary 222 in 2020!

    Real people don’t celebrate their 222nd Anniversary, but if you read Reforming Elizabeth then it feels much more recent than that.  Elizabeth and Gideon had at least three daughters (mentioned in Healing Sarah.) They also had two sons. One...

    Gina & Andre’s 1st Anniversary

    Wow! Gina & Andre have made it to their first anniversary. They are spending the day taking a walking tour of Paris as neither of them wants to travel. Gina hasn’t had a headache in over a year which...

    You’re surrounded

    Need a hunky bodyguard? Meet the Hastings brothers. They are Chicago’s best security team. And they happen to be falling in love, even when they shouldn’t. I have two fun deals for you and a new release. Enjoy.

    Honorable Mention Flash Fiction

    Last weekend one of my stories won Honorable Mention for the League of Utah Writers 2019 Writing Contest in the Flash Fiction category. As the name implies, at less than 1000 words, flash fiction is a very quick read....

    Miss Guided is here!

    Bucket List: 1. Visit Paris in the Spring. 2. Don’t fall in love on vacation. Gina works hard to keep her busy life in order. An unexpected promotion has her working overtime until a health scare forces her to...

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