Celebrating Anniversary 222 in 2020!

Real people don’t celebrate their 222nd Anniversary, but if you read Reforming Elizabeth then it feels much more recent than that.  Elizabeth and Gideon had at least three daughters (mentioned in Healing Sarah.) They also had two sons. One took over Gideon’s shoe business and turned it into a successful factory. The other headed west to find his fortune.

Elizabeth continued to spin and weave even though linen was being mass-produced. Her handmade products were sought after for their fine texture and their eggshell white color. It should be noted that after the cow dung incident of 1798, she had no problems bleaching her cloth, however her youngest daughter… Gideon found life as a shoemaker and running a small family farm to be very satisfying.  Gideon wrote Mr. Wittaker faithfully each month and spoke at his friend’s funeral in 1818 when he died at the age of 98.

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