The Trouble We Keep Review

A broken promise brought her West. 
A willful heart will fight to keep her there.

Newly pregnant, alone, and a fugitive from the law, Emma Wheat has run out of time. Though her brother had promised to send for her from one of the mining boomtowns out west, he never did. And now, after doing whatever it took to survive on her own, Emma has no choice but to flee on a westward train, bound for her brother’s last known location.

What she finds in Williams, Arizona only stokes more questions. Surly saloon owner Dean Morelli claims Emma’s brother robbed him and ran–and he’s not so certain Emma is any more trustworthy. But Dean isn’t all bluster and gloom. The longer Emma stays on to find her brother and prove his innocence, the more willing Dean is to show her his softer side–though her secrets continue to stand between them. 

Emma knew escaping her past wouldn’t be easy. When the man she fears most steps off a train and threatens the new life she’s building, she’ll have to trust in herself, and in the kind of love she never dreamed possible, in order to face her future.

The Trouble We Keep is a pioneer western romance filled with heart, adventure, redemption, and slow-burning true love.

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