Happy Anniversary Abbie & Preston!

According to the imagiHappy Anniversary Abbie &Preston!nary world timeline of Abbie and Preston, they are celebrating their second anniversary on June 28th. [See Mending Images} Abbie had triplet boys that just turned a year old.* Abbie has a nanny to help with Brandon, Connor, and Davis, but prefers to do as much as she can by herself. Abbie loves the time she can get away and give her brother’s sisterly advice. 


Meinding Images with the billionaire bookThis year Abbie and Preston decided on a quiet vacation at the beach. However, besides COVID rules, they have to take along their bodyguards. Luckily the nanny double’s as both. Hopefully, one night Melanie hastings aka Grammie will take the boys so Abbie and Preston can enjoy a dinner where they can eat all of their food before it gets cold. (No interruptions from the boys.)

As a twin mom, I can empathize with their choice of celebration. How many moms of multiples agree?

*The triplets birth is mentioned in all the Hasting’s Security books.