Winners of 222nd Aniversary Drawing

Maria (Newsletter) & Stacey (Facebook)

They each won a Kindle copy of Reforming Elizabeth 

I loved everyone’s answers for what to gift a couple celebrating 222 years. Some of my favorites:

  • Quote from Reforming Elizabetha video of their story
  • Flowers
  • A vacation
  • A new dress.
  • a special edition in leather of Reforming Elizabeth
  • Handmade appliqué quilt with things special to them on it
  • A music box with a hidden compartment to hold their special treasures/momentoes
  • Paying to have the entire family spend a week together and have a photographer take loads of pictures to put in an album for them.
  • A coffin (but that’s probably not appropriate… 
  • A photo album with 222 pictures, one for each year of marriage.