November Wins!

    you had a pie chart and then a snowy tree ally thing. I considered making this two different entries but im lazy  Thank you to all who took the poll last week. November won for the most popular month...

    Brides, Brides, Brides

    bride holding a her flowers, but the focus is the flowers    It is that time of the year again. Ever place I look is brides and weddings. It got me thinking, although I have written several weddings none...

    A Youtube Sensation?

    its a pair of eyes with a mask, of course they are both on a person. masks are so 2020 You know those YouTube videos of the patient waking up from a wisdom teeth extraction or another minor procedure?  Admit...

    June 6-8, 1816 Forecast: Snow

    idk its just kinda there. its bland theres trees, a river, there might be snow, idk  I spent much of the last year immersed in researching the summer of 1816 for Healing Sarah. I learned so much that I feel like...