You’re surrounded

    Need a hunky bodyguard? Meet the Hastings brothers. They are Chicago’s best security team. And they happen to be falling in love, even when they shouldn’t. I have two fun deals for you and a new release. Enjoy.

    Half way done?

    Today I published Chapter 14 sterilized romance on Facebook. Our quarantined couple go on their first movie date! Separately. As I posted the chapter I had to make a quick change as I woke up to snow this morning!...

    What day is it?

    somebody taking a picture of eggs. This is the second one where you didn’t know the day, i suggest investing in a clock and a calendar  Thursday I was feeling under the weather. Fortunately, some over-the-counter allergy meds have...

    Let’s Have Some fun!

    girl on her phone when her laptop is RIGHT THERE (i do not approve of the cheating parallels) for the chapter part, there was a picture of an empty toilet paper roll with the words “don’t panic” ominously inscribed...