You’re surrounded

    Need a hunky bodyguard? Meet the Hastings brothers. They are Chicago’s best security team. And they happen to be falling in love, even when they shouldn’t. I have two fun deals for you and a new release. Enjoy.

    Half way done?

    Today I published Chapter 14 sterilized romance on Facebook. Our quarantined couple go on their first movie date! Separately. As I posted the chapter I had to make a quick change as I woke up to snow this morning!...

    What day is it?

    Thursday I was feeling under the weather. Fortunately, some over-the-counter allergy meds have solved that for me.  I am having fun with my sterilized romance on Facebook. Today we are having a photo scavenger hunt with my characters. For...

    Let’s Have Some fun!

    Years ago, serialized novels were published in newspapers and magazines.  This April I am going to publish a serial novel on Facebook, and I need your help. As my readers, you can help determine what the next chapter will...