Visiting China

    the warrior statues. terracotta?  For the last three weeks, I’ve been visiting China! On my computer. Youtube is my tour guide and the search engine is my map. The most fun part is my daughter went with her high school...

    Tears for Paris

    one of the windows, but you should put one of the pictures I took of the Notre Dame when we went Many of you probably did what I did on Monday and Tuesday and kept checking the news to...

    My First Podcast

    the jots and tittles logo I made my very first podcast and learned I have a lot to learn. Video has never been my thing. Good thing I have teenage daughters. I hope next week I can put it...

    Miss Guided is here!

    the old cover Bucket List: 1. Visit Paris in the Spring. 2. Don’t fall in love on vacation. Gina works hard to keep her busy life in order. An unexpected promotion has her working overtime until a health scare...