Book Review The Gratitude Project

    Gratitude is powerful: not only does it feel good, it’s also been proven to increase our well-being in myriad ways. The result of a multiyear collaboration between the Greater Good Science Center and Robert Emmons of the University of...

    Review Where Madness Lies

    Germany, 1934. Rigmor, a young Jewish woman is a patient at Sonnenstein, a premier psychiatric institution known for their curative treatments. But with the tide of eugenics and the Nazis’ rise to power, Rigmor is swept up in a...

    Celebrating Anniversary 222 in 2020!

    Real people don’t celebrate their 222nd Anniversary, but if you read Reforming Elizabeth then it feels much more recent than that.  Elizabeth and Gideon had at least three daughters (mentioned in Healing Sarah.) They also had two sons. One...

    Gina & Andre’s 1st Anniversary

    Wow! Gina & Andre have made it to their first anniversary. They are spending the day taking a walking tour of Paris as neither of them wants to travel. Gina hasn’t had a headache in over a year which...

    The Heavens Are Open Review

    God speaks to His prophet on the earth today. And He will speak to you, too. That is the powerful testimony of Sister Wendy W. Nelson, wife of President Russell M. Nelson, as she shares her personal witness of...

    Summer Weddings

    Since I write romance books, I have a lot of imaginary wedding anniversaries to track. 18 and counting to be exact and most of them in the summer.  I am most excited about Elizabeth and Gideon’s 222nd anniversary on...

    Proud Mom Moment

    One of the fun things about twins is their ability to prank people, often unintentionally. When my daughters were freshmen, they switched places in line for school photos. Then they realized they could play a long game prank. The...

    What time is it?

    Sometime late last Friday, I realized that I skipped over Thursday entirely.  I missed my newsletter and pretty much everything else. I’m still trying to recover the missing days from last week. Every time I look at my phone,...

    Change Your Questions, Change Your Life Review

    “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God.” In this unique and thought-provoking book, “Change Your Questions, Change Your Life,” Wendy Watson Nelson explores the power of asking–and answering–certain questions and invites the reader to pause...

    You’re surrounded

    Need a hunky bodyguard? Meet the Hastings brothers. They are Chicago’s best security team. And they happen to be falling in love, even when they shouldn’t. I have two fun deals for you and a new release. Enjoy.